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Conceived by the imaginative mind of Mona Whitton, Art is for All (fondly referred to as AifA) has undergone various transformations over the years. However, a consistent and unwavering theme has always prevailed – a dedication to supporting local artists.


Mona, a true visionary and perpetual idea generator, operates at full throttle even on sick days. Her mind churns out a plethora of ideas, ranging from the outrageously radical to those grounded in simple logic. Acknowledging her ambitious nature, Mona collaborates with Cam to ensure her ideas are not only imaginative but also realistically attainable. This dynamic partnership has flourished over numerous years, culminating in the current embodiment of AifA's mission: serving as a launchpad for local artists and evolving into a nexus for collaborative creative thinking and action.


AifA accomplishes this multifaceted mission through various means, offering local artists a physical and affordable space. Additionally, the organisation provides crucial support in financial and strategic planning, empowering artists to navigate their unique career pathways successfully. AifA caters to individual preferences by allowing artists to choose the level of support that aligns with their needs, as detailed in our artist membership information available on the JOIN US pages.


Crucially, AifA enjoys the support of Gravesham Borough Council, which generously provides the opportunity to rent one of their shops at St Georges Centre Gravesend. Positioned in a prime location near the Gallery, AifA's shop and studio space seamlessly collaborates with the extensive arts program in which Gravesham Borough Council provide our community. To our cherished Gravesham friends, especially you ladies who have been instrumental in this journey, we extend our heartfelt appreciation – you know who you are, and we love you!


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