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Our collaborative projects bring creative heads together, allowing Aifa members to work together on larger projects to inspire and captivate our communities. What is life without a little creative beauty?

Gravesend Light Festival

Transforming the Town Pier Square in Gravesend into a vibrant hub of creativity and reflection with an engaging carousel of activities tailored for young people and children. Immerse yourself in an interactive experience with a carnival atmosphere, featuring creative workshops, captivating displays, and live performances.

Themed around "reflection," participants can explore various media and techniques to craft unique pieces like lanterns, slime, and reflective art. Engage with our living statue, operate the automaton, encounter your reflection in the hall of mirrors, and delve into the science and art of light and reflection.

Join us for a dynamic celebration of creativity and reflection!

26th & 27th January 2024 5.30pm-8.30pm FREE
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